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Eden has been in business serving Saskatchewan since October 18th, 2018.


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Responsible Use

The responsible cannabis consumer does not operate a motor vehicle or other dangerous machinery impaired by cannabis, nor (like other responsible citizens) impaired by any other substance or condition, including some medicines and fatigue.

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Working with manufactures

Eden works closely with manufactures to ensure you are offered high quality controlled products.

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Say hi to Wayne! He calls himself a hot rodder and has spent the majority of his life building custom cars. He’s got himself a spiffy Ranch Ero 67’ too. He’s a big fan of gardening loves Bird of Paradise and Peony flowers. He’s traveled the world and highly recommends visiting Venice, Italy and Savannah, Georgia. If you want to be greeted with a warm smile or comforted with a pat on the back, Wayne is the man.

Valued Customer Wayne
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Evan is Dave Grohl’s doppelganger. He's has a glorious mustache, loves the outdoors, and he's always willing, ready and able to talk about music and movies. Evan is a rock star at customer service and will make you feel good about any purchase you make at Eden.